It's a common misconception that you need to wait until you have a lot of money to create a financial plan. However, the majority of people can actually benefit from some level of financial planning at any stage of life.


Having an ongoing relationship with a financial planner is an incredible asset especially over significant life milestones. While there is never a perfect age or dollar amount needed to start engaging with an advisor, here are a few major life events that having a financial plan will help tremendously towards achieving your future goals.  

  • buying a house
  • getting married
  • having kids
  • changing careers
  • death in the family
  • estate planning
  • preparing for retirement
  • and much more.

Having a consistent relationship with a financial advisor to help you navigate  those developments can be a great thing. Even if you aren’t able to start saving toward all your goals yet, a financial advisor can help you build a plan that helps you see the bigger picture and stay motivated as you continue on your wealth building journey.

It's never too late or too early to start financial planning. If you would like to connect with a financial professional that uses Altruist, you can find available advisors here.

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